Q: Is the application and participation for free?

Currently yes. As a student you can apply and participate for free. During the event we also provide food, drinks and workshop material. You might have costs for travel to and from the event location.

Q: I´m currently not a student. Can I participate?

No. This program is for students only.

Q: Am I guaranteed to take part in a matching event once I applied?


Q: Can I decide to which location / event I´m invited to?

Currently not. But we try to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

Q: Am I guaranteed to be invited to an event close to my location?

We try to minimize travel for all participants. At the same time we are strongly focusing on a diverse set of participants. Therefore you might also be invited to an event far from your location. You can then still decide whether you want to participate or not..

Q: Do I have to take part in the matching event I´m assigned to?

No. You have to enroll for the event once again.

Q: Am I invited to more than one event?

We invite you up to 3 times. Yet it is strongly adviced to take the first opportunity as we can not guarantee that you will be invited again.

Q: What happens after my online application?

You will receive a confirmation of your application via mail. After the review of your application you become part of our Co-Founder pool. You can then be matched to a event nearby your location. We will inform you, once you have been matched to an event.

Q: How long does it take until I take part in a matching event?

We try to keep waiting times as low as possible.

Q: What can I expect at a matching event?

First of all: Cool people and a cool location. The event will normally cover a complete day (usually 9am to 4pm). During the event you will get to know all participants in informal and workshop settings. Our experienced mentors will also provide you with valuable information regarding idea and team development. Food, drinks and workshop material will be provided.

Q: What if I don´t find the right Co-Founder at the event?

Unfortunately we can not always guarantee that you find the right people to start your business, but don´t worry! After the successful participation in on of our Co-Founder Events, you will be invited to join the exclusive alumni network.

Q: Do I get a certificate of attendance?

Yes. After your successful participation, you will receive a certificate via mail.

Q: Will I recieve information about other participants before the event?

No. You will have enough time to get to know them at the event. After the event you can also stay / get in touch via the alumni network.

Q: What is the ratio of tech / non-tech Co-founders at the event?

We aim to have at least 30% tech Co-Founders at the events.

Q: Why do I have to upload all the personal information and what happens with it?

The information helps us to get to know you and your motivation. Our selection process aims to make the meetings more efficient by pre-selecting suitabel groups of people. We handle your data carefully and only use it according to the terms of use and privacy statement.