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Co-Founder Workshop @Berlin

Coming soon - Take part in a one-day team workshop. Meet other entrepreneurs, co-founders and learn about startup teams.

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Co-Founder Workshop @Freiburg

25.Mai 2019 - Take part in a one-day team workshop. Meet other entrepreneurs, co-founders and learn about startup teams.

Student Entrepreneurship in Germany

With many pioneers ahead, the startup scene has become a center of gravity for innovation. Students are a major driving force within this network! Discover the Gründermagnet network of student entrepreneurship clubs.

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A meeting place for innovators! The startup hubs and spaces all over Germany are housing the talents and ideas of tomorrow. Our meet-ups take place in some of the most notable startup spaces. Get to know the venues that host our matching events.

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You didn´t find the right Co-Founder at our matching event? No problem. As an alumni, we provide you with an exclusive network of selected student entrepreneurs. Here you can share your ideas and find the experts you need. Access the alumni platform today.

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Secure your funding

We cooperate with First Momentum Ventures, Germanys first student-run Venture Capital Fund. All alumni of the Co-Founder Space program can access early stage funding. Your benefits include: A face-to-face mentoring session, access to network of mentors and partners and exclusive opportunity to pitch in front of First Momentum board.

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